e-NRG Power Transparent Pricing Model

Retail suppliers roll administrative fees, hedging costs, and profit into their price and do not provide a breakout to their customers. The e-NRG Power Transparent Pricing Model shows clearly the wholesale price of the electricity and the e-NRG Power administrative fee.

The e-NRG Power Transparent Pricing Model charges a low administrative fee for this service.

Currently, 90% of large users contract with retail suppliers. 60% of mid-sized users do the same, as well as 40% of small users. Now, some large users are becoming thier own retail suppliers in order to buy directly from the grid. e-NRG Power let's small and mid-sized users buy wholesale from the grid, just like the big users.

Monthly e-NRG Power bills will show e-NRG Wholesale Rate vs. the utility rate.



e-NRG Power